About the Family

The four sisters with their parents, Sh. Prakash Peshawaria on extreme left and Smt. Premlata Peshawaria on extreme right.
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Parents - Parkash Peshawaria and Premlata Peshawaria

Reeta Peshawaria’s parents Parkash and Premlata Peshawaria ( Janak Arora) were a couple who believed in educating their daughters and making them self- reliant. While her father was involved in his family business, he was a passionate tennis player and trained all his 4 daughters to be tennis players. While he groomed the girls in sports, her mother Premlata was very inclined to giving the girls the best education. 

Husband - Dr.Desh Keerthi Menon

Husband of Dr Reeta Peshawaria

Sisters -

The four sisters, the eldest Shashi on the left, Kiran next, then Reeta and Anu.

Reeta Peshawaria, was the third of 4 sisters born to Parkash and Premlata Peshawaria. Her elderest sister Shashi is a psychologist and artist in Canada. Her elder sister Dr Kiran bedi is a Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry and the younger of the sisters Anu Peshawaria is a well –  known immigration lawyer in the United States of America.

Son - Gaurav Menon

Gaurav Menon is the only son/child of Reeta Peshawaria Menon and Desh Keerti Menon.